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30 years ago, UPEI was the first to register a .ca domain name
... university being the first domain name is more happenstance than anything else. Jim Hancock, then-director of computer services, was at a meeting of 10 universities where they decided to set up a ...

WhoisBehind.com Will Cause a Price War Between Registrars Because It's Going to Be the First Domain Name Transfer Service
This makes it possible to register dozens of domain names at all kinds of ... will-cause-a-price-war-between-registrars-because-its-going-to-be-the-first-domain-name-transfer-service-866774.htm

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
TorrentFreak spoke to Peter Sunde who says that the service is needed to ensure that people can register domain names without having to worry about being exposed. “Njalla is needed because we’re going ...

TP-Link forgets to register domain name, leaves config pages open to hijack
has a domain name that owners of the hardware can use to quickly get to their router's configuration page. Unlike most other vendors, however, it appears that TP-Link has failed to renew its registrat...

Did Mark Davis register a domain name for the Las Vegas Raiders back in 1998?
The registration was updated in November of last year. The URL does not lead to anything at the moment. Now, there’s no way of knowing if the Mark Davis who registered the domain name is the same Mark ...

Domain name resolution is a Tor attack vector, but don't worry
Mate, have a Flutter on the Darts: Google's mobe app toolkit for Fuchsia, others emerges This one needs the words “Don't Panic” in large friendly letters on the cover: privacy researchers have worked ...

Domain name sinkholes and those funky domain registrations
It reminded me of times I’ve seen companies (notably Microsoft) register a bunch of nonsensical domain names. Why would a company register a lot of domains with random digits and letters? The answer i...

Choosing the Right Extension for Your Domain Name
For instance, your domain name ... use a .com domain name. They often favor brands above other kinds of sites, and these almost exclusively use .com. This extra boost to SEO should be enough to convin...

Afilias Sets GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Title for the Largest Migration of a TLD in a Single Transition
Afilias Australia Pty Ltd announced today that it has set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for Largest migration of an internet top-level domain in a single transition ... this move without interrupti...

2018-2023 Global Domain Name System Tools Market Report (Status and Outlook)
The DNS is an essential component of the functionality of the Internet, as it provides a worldwide, distributed directory service. Domain Name ... this report projects that Domain Name System Tools wi...

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