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Best domain name registrars of 2019
Every great website needs a snappy, memorable domain name. Coming up with something ... We've seen this cost as much as £7.99 ($11.20) a year, but several registrars provide it for free. Many domain r...

Host Your Domain with Free Apps
Today you can buy a domain name for around 10 bucks a year (or less) and map it to a variety of free web-based apps for no-mess and no-cost hosting. Typical commercial web hosting starts at around $10...

Abusive Conduct: Domain Name Registrants and Rights Holders
It is no more than a Panel created carbuncle ... However and presumably in an effort to acquire the disputed domain name with minimal cost, it proceeded with the claim regardless. This is an abuse of ...

Cheap UK web hosting services to help you claim a spot on the internet
Here are 12 of the best (cheap) web hosting services for you to use this year, in no particular order ... iPage provides a free domain name for your first year along with a free security suite.

Cloudflare gets into registrar business with wholesale domains and free privacy
Earlier this year, the company rolled out a new, free DNS service ... surveillance of domain address queries). Now, the company has announced a barrage of new services to celebrate its eighth "birthda...

“Stop the Price Increase of .COM” petition gains steam
Should the NTIA let the agreement expire, Verisign will be free ... domain is registered or renewed. If the contract were put out to bid, the cost would probably be a few dollars or less. For every $1 ...

Elsevier Complaint Shuts Down Sci-Hub Domain Name
Sci-Hub is facing millions of ... the site just lost one of its latest domain names. However, the site has no intentions of backing down, and will continue its fight to keep access to scientific knowl...

With Google Domains, Let’s Raise Prices And Make SSL Certificates Free
No store wants a warning saying that a connection might be insecure during a checkout process, and so everyone ponies up to one of the major Certificate Authorities to ensure that the most number of b...

Motion Array Membership now includes unlimited downloads
The Pro 365 subscription also gets you access to Review, Motion Array’s cloud-based video review system, and Portfolio, the company’s very own video portfolio builder featuring free domain names and p...

The Hidden Perils of Filing a Baseless UDRP Complaint
When properly used, the UDRP enables trademark owners to take control of abusive domain names. Yet sometimes ... for which the panelist receives no additional compensation. An RDNH finding may also co...

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