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Are keywords still important in domain name?
There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a domain name. However, a website owner focuses more on the ones that help them in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google is well ...

Fleio billing 1.1 adds OpenStack Rocky support and domain name registration
allowing the operator/owner to define pricing per day, hour or second of usage so the end-user only pays for the services they use. Fleio version 1.1 adds support for the latest OpenStack® version - R...

GoDaddy will continue publishing most domain owner data
Registrar is more selective about which Whois records will be redacted in wake of GDPR. With the GDPR deadline quickly approaching, the world’s largest domain name registrar has been mostly silent on ...

Wolters Kluwer's Corsearch Answers WHOIS the Owner of a Domain Name with Latest SaaS Product Release
The Domain Vigilance ... to conduct a quick WHOIS ownership lookup for a single domain and then, using the ownership record, uncover alternate domains owned by the same individual. With over 326 milli...

Despite Voice and AI Hype: the Domain Name Remains Crucial in Marketing
As website owners, it is best to present the formulated questions ... while the rising relevance of voice and AI searches is impacting the way we think about search engine optimization, domain names r...

WHATIS Going to Happen With WHOIS?
... contact information for people who have registered a website domain name that dates back to the 80s.There are a number of free WHOIS search tools on the internet, and unless the owner of that webs...

Citing 'campaign warfare,' state rep buys Brian Kemp website
As they negotiated, Gargiulo said he never learned the identity of the domain name's owner. But all signs point to another man named Brian Kemp who works in public relations in California. A search of ...

Discovering Hidden Email Gateways with OSINT Techniques
As these services keep the DNS details for several years, we could go back in time as far as 2010 to look up the records. For example, the British bank Barclays owns the domain name ...

Don't Email Scott Morrison Through His Hijacked Domain
But with control of a domain name comes great responsibility ... possible a few messages could have made their way through to the new owner of the domain if he'd configured the MX records and an email ...

Louis Vuitton files suit against hundreds of websites
seizure of domain names and de-listing by search engines, and statutory damages of $2m for each counterfeit trademark used, reports the Florida Record. “Like many other famous trademark owners in the ...

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