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WIPO panel explains a common expired domain occurrence
Had the Respondent done a search it may have found ... I wonder if the part “To a degree, the release of an expired domain name carries at least some implication that it is no longer wanted by its presumably unchallenged previous owner” will come ...

TP-Link forgets to register domain name, leaves config pages open to hijack
In common with many other vendors, TP-Link, one of the world's biggest sellers of Wi-Fi access points and home routers, has a domain name that owners of the hardware can use to quickly get to their router's configuration page. Unlike most other vendors ...

Cyber criminals snap up expired domains to serve malicious ads
REUTERS - Expired domain names are becoming the latest route for cyber criminals to find their way into the computers of unsuspecting users. Cyber criminals launched a malicious advertising campaign this week targeting visitors of popular news and ...

TP-Link Forgot To Renew Their Router Config Domain Names [Update]
Unfortunately for TP-Link, it seems that someone in their office messed up because two URLs associated with their router config pages had their domain names expired and not renewed. This has resulted in someone else picking up the domains and registering ...

18 Tools for Picking the Perfect Domain Name
DomainsBot has been operating since 2004, taking your ideas and turning them into names; showing available domain suggestions; alerting you of expired, expiring and for-sale domains; and providing a Whois search. It also offers corresponding Twitter and ...

Are your ads pointing to the right domain? Here’s a script to find out.
Have you changed your brand name? The script can also be effective if your brand name has undergone a change and you need a new domain name. You definitely don’t want the old domain appearing in your ad; that doesn’t help you establish your new name.

Frank Ocean Fans Suffer Serious Heartbreak After His Website Expired
and phone number that shows up on the domain name…. not the person’s." Go Daddy said they don't see the site as down and on their end the site is set to expire on April 6th, 2020, but according to Who Is the website expired on April 6th, 2018.

Vacation.rentals domain name sells for record $500,300
The CEO of the company in 2007, Brian Sharples, indicated that it was mostly to keep it out of its competitor’s hands and a big part of that was the domain name. Search for vacation rentals on Google today and VacationRentals.com comes up #1. But ...

Where did the domain name investors go?
I have been wondering in the past few weeks where the domain name investors have gone ... The most interesting thing is that search engine traffic and social media traffic roughly remained the same while it was traffic from domaining.com that caused ...

Namejet domain name auction front running continues. This time with an Oliver Hoger owned domain.
My client owns the domain name “Smoked.Com” and is considering putting it in market.It is keyword rich domain with good search volume,adword bidding and type-in-traffic. Based on our extensive study,We strongly feel that you should consider buying this ...

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