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End user domain name sales including a $60k .bio sale
CyberX.com €5,000 – CyberX is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Remix.ca $4,999 – Transit planning company Remix uses the domain name Remix.com. It is forwarding the .ca domain to the .com. VitaminCF...

This site helps you find cheap startup domain names that aren’t completely shit
It also highlights potentially interesting domains under geographical TLDs, like .co.uk, .fr, and .ca, which I imagine would be handy ... Of course, Domainz isn’t the only cowboy in the quirky-but-che...

My Best Practices for Deploying a Web Application on Alibaba Cloud
For generating the certificates by Certbot, which is a client application for Let's Encrypt CA, the domain needs to be pointed towards the server. Alibaba Cloud provides domain names at very reasonabl...

Calif. Dem wants to put cork in .wine websites
The new domain names ... Eshoo’s California district and around the world have protested the plans to create extensions for .wine and .vin, the French word for wine. Industry groups have said that the ...

Basic guide to get a domain, set up web hosting and upload your first website via FTP
ca, .cl, .ar, .co, .tv, .io, .in, etc.), second level domains (.co.uk, .com.ar, etc.) and other types of domains. There is a new list of domain names you can also check (examples: .nyc, .miami, .bike) ...

Forget .com: Get ready for .google and .apple
One year later, ICANN unveiled 1,930 proposals for new domain names. Those applications weren't cheap: ICANN charges $185,000 per proposal ... not including "country codes" like .ca or .uk. Related st...

'Accidental hero' triggers 'kill switch' to halt spread of ransomware behind NHS cyber attack
The researchers spotted a long domain name made up of a series of apparently random letters ... Purchase of the domain reportedly cost $10.69 (£8.30), marking a relatively cheap way to put an end to a ...

New Canadian-backed .club web domains getting snapped up by 50 Cent, Demi Lovato
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is in the process of gradually rolling out all kinds of new web address types, including .best, .buzz, .cheap ... domain names in Canada ...

Essential California: Firefighters have never seen a wildfire like this one
Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Tuesday ... both bearing Kobe Bryant’s last name. “I think legacy is really important in the sense of what we’ve done is awesome, ...

Namecheap Expands Its Offerings With Introduction of PremiumDNS Powered by Verisign
This Gives Customers DNSSEC and 100% DNS Uptime for the Lowest Cost on the Market -- Just $4.88 a Year LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 17 ... to both scale their operations and secure a domain nam...

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