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How Cheap Are Fraudulent Ad Impressions?
If domain spoofing is the problem ... Ad agencies must also be realistic with their brand clients about the tradeoffs of the cheap reach that can be found online, Zenna said. “Fraudsters know that you ...

Three (Cheap) Ways Every Company Can Innovate By The End Of This Quarter
Add to that mix a highly specialized domain focus, ready-to-use content, and expert help — all features companies increasingly have to turn to in order to distinguish themselves in the market.

Namecheap Surpasses 10 Million Domains Under Management
PHOENIX, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Namecheap, one of the fastest-growing American companies according to the 2018 Inc. 5000, today announced it has reached more than 10 million domains under manag...

Tiny Island Atoll’s Domain Used in Widespread Ad Fraud
It’s a place unlikely to be hosting a massive ad fraud campaign. However, .tk domains are more than cheap, they’re free, making them very attractive for anyone globally who may be looking to ...

Don't abandon that domain name
Better safe than sorry. Domain names aren't expensive, and keeping old domains in your possession is the cheapest cybersecurity insurance policy you'll ever purchase. Szathmari recommends setting up a ...

Cruz allies take aim at O'Rourke over eminent domain, father-in-law
While eminent domain was never used in conjunction with the project ... Perhaps it goes without saying — but producing quality journalism isn't cheap. At a time when newsroom resources and revenue acr...

This site helps you find cheap startup domain names that aren’t completely shit
Coming up with a killer idea isn’t the hardest part of launching a tech startup. Neither is building something people ultimately love. Coming up with a snappy name? That’s the hard bit. Okay, maybe I’ ...

HereWebsite.com: The Best Provider of Hosting and Cheap Domain Registration Services
Herewebsite.com is an online platform that offers clients the best website hosting services,simple domain registration and cheap SSL certificate solutions. They are superior to other hosting platforms ...

Get your Web domain name -- cheap
Adding domain-name hosting would have increased that to $54 a month, not including $100 in one-time setup fees." Then one day he surfed across a banner ad for MyDomain, a company that promised cheap, ...

Smack talk is cheap: .sucks domains are 99 cents a year
We’ve heard the stories about famous people such as Taylor Swift and Mark Zuckerberg buying up Web addresses ending in .sucks. But now low-level peons like you and me have the chance to make like the ...

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